Who We Are?

ResearchArya is a Research, Analytics and Advisory Services Consultancy located in Bangalore, India. ResearchArya is a full-service IP Consultancy. We render services that encompass the entire IP Services Band Spectrum including but not limited to, research, analysis, drafting, prosecution, portfolio development, auditing, licensing, technology scouting,sale,of all kinds of IP, such as Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, and Trade Secrets
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ResearchArya consultants have gone through rigorous on-the-job training in US Patent Law conducted by US Patent Agents & Attorneys from leading US Institutions comprising Manual of Patent Examination Procedures (MPEP), Patent Search, Analysis and Drafting (Specifications, Claims and Office Actions).

ResearchArya consultants have cumulative experience of drafting 500+ patent applications of which most of them have been published on USPTO online database. ResearchArya consultants have also prosecuted several EPO / USPTO cases.

Novel Services - Lean R&D and PDLC
ResearchArya has recently developed Lean Patent Development Life Cycle (PDLC), which facilitates design and implementation of IP-guided or -aware Product, Solution or Software or Systen Development Lifecycle (PDLC or SDLC)

Major Achievements
ResearchArya is IP Development Partner for a Leading Consumer Electronics Manufacturer with HQ in Europe , Bio-medical Engineering firms based in India and New Jersey, a mid-sized Construction S/W developer in Australia, and many more firms in India, UK, US and Australia

ResearchArya has in the past developed reports for one of the world's largest EPC contractor based in Western Europe, managed portfolio of ~50 US Brands for US based Bio-medical Engineering firm, drafted, filed, prosecuted and represented on a pro-se legal representation basis, companies against one of the top 100 US Law firm, enforced brands for North-Eastern University, Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc. etc.

ResearchArya offers services in following technology domains :
Semiconductors, Computer Software, Internet Technologies, Hardware, Electronics, Communications, Control Systems,Embedded Systems, Power, Bio Signal Processing, Digital Signal Processing, Robotronics, Mechatronics, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Biotechnology, Oil & Gas, Mechanical and Other emerging technologies